plastic folder divider

hot glue


paint (color of your choice) and paint brush

safety pin

   1. draw an image on a piece of paper that represents you – we chose the eye because of our theme scripture 1 cor 12  *If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be?

2. trace your image onto a plastic folder divider or anything similar to that kind of plastic would work.

3. go over your entire image on the plastic divider with hot glue (this thickens the plastic and allows for a much sturdier pin) let dry

TIP: try and make the hot glue layer as smooth as possible, unless you desire a bit of texture later on.

4. paint your already traced image that is on the plastic. let dry

TIP: if you desire a black outline over your image, do that last.

5. cut your image out of the plastic

6. hot glue the safety pin onto the back of your pin. let dry

TIP: if the pin still seems to thin, you can thicken the pin around the safety pin with hot glue on the back.

happy creating!


2twenty Youth

2twenty is the youth ministry outreach of KICKS. Our mission is to inspire and encourage youth to use their creative gifts, all for Jesus. Visit for our dedicated 2twenty website.

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