bff mugs

1. find 2 plain mugs, they can be any color but they do need to be plain and easy to draw on, i got mine at goodwill for
50 cents each.

2. pick out your colors and design, i drew mine out on a piece of paper first for practice.

3. draw your designs on the cups, i found if i messed up, it was pretty easy to scratch off the design or use a wet paper towel while the sharpie was still wet. let the mugs dry for a couple hours before placing them in the oven.

4. bake the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F. let the mugs heat up & cool in the oven so there aren’t any cracks –
its always nice to have some help, so ask your parents before using the oven.

TIP: i still just hand wash my mugs just to be sure I don’t ruin them, but if you feel confident, GO FOR IT and put em in the dish washer.

happy creating and remember to tag us on Instagram and we will share your art! 2_twenty #2twentycreate


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2twenty is the youth ministry outreach of KICKS. Our mission is to inspire and encourage youth to use their creative gifts, all for Jesus. Visit for our dedicated 2twenty website.

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