Learn how we created these upbeat bookmarks. Make your own and share them with us.

create your own bookmarks

upbeat bookmarks


create your own bookmarks

1. using a ruler and pencil, draw out a book mark onto card stock, we liked the size 1 3/4 inch wide by 7 inches long

2. cut out your book mark from the card stock

3. find the article that you feel has the most letters or quotes you can make use of

4. place the cutout card stock on top of the article you have chosen, outline your book mark onto the newspaper/ magazine

5. cut out the outline you have made
TIP: cut a little wider than your outline – you can always trim off the edges later

6. put glue on your card stock and then place your article onto it
TIP: after the glue dries, now would be a good time to trim off any extra side pieces

create your own bookmarks

7. begin crossing out all the words you do not want in your final product
TIP: use a pencil to first cross out any words that you are not using before you take a sharpie to it.
if you are crossing out individual letters we recommend a small tipped sharpie otherwise a normal size sharpie works perfect for crossing out long sentences

8. to insure a stiff book mark, outline the edges of your book mark with masking tape, make sure you are not taping on a quote that may be on the edge of your book mark
TIP: we cut the masking tape down the center to thin out our border, you can do whatever look you prefer

create your own bookmarks

happy creating. remember to tag us on instagram and we will share your art! 2_twenty #2twentycreate


2twenty Youth

2twenty is the youth ministry outreach of KICKS. Our mission is to inspire and encourage youth to use their creative gifts, all for Jesus. Visit www.2twenty.org for our dedicated 2twenty website.

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