Category - Particular Penelope : If you Don’t Want an Elephant to Stand on your Toe – A Young Artist Book

Particular Penelope, “If you Don’t Want an Elephant to Stand on your Toe”, is part of KICKS Books Faith Series. Penelope is very particular as she deals with her elephant standing on her toe. She faces the challenge with boldness and determination. Penelope tries creative ways to get her elephant off her toe – page after page. She finally remembers what makes her so particular. Particular Penelope realizes and remembers the best way to get an elephant off your toe is to simply be particular about the very thing that’s important to her.

With the easy to use Pop-Up text option, your kids will fly through this fun and simple read.

Children will love this picture book illustrated by other kids! The KICKS Books’ Young Artist Series features books for kids, illustrated BY kids. Your youngsters will explore the imagination of their peers with this unique book.

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