Camp New: Dollar Days is an over-the-top Christian comedy for the entire family! Join the camp coordinators as they learn about having faith in God’s word and His promises.

There’s a heat wave this summer… but that’s the least of Camp New’s problems. It’s only the first week and there’s no money for breakfast! The mattresses must be sold, which leads to some sleepless nights. No camp supplies and the crayons are missing too! No more toilet paper? We won’t go there right now…

It’s up to the camp director, Miss Mo, to fix things. But is she only making things worse? Her assistant, Penny, makes an effort to bring the other camp coordinators together to figure out how to raise money. However, nothing seems to be working. Why not? Maybe they need to focus on Philippians 4:19 and trust in God’s promises.

Camp New: Dollar Days is super fun and jam-packed with Biblical lessons the entire family can enjoy. Come visit camp and find out!


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