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Penny, from Camp New, tells the story of how she, along with her friends, Nattie, Emmie, and Jess spend their summer working at a creative arts center called All Things New. Together, they stage Art in the Park, a festival created for children to experience the joy of the arts. However, when a top talent scout shows up and offers Emmie’s adopted brother, Isaiah, a life of fame and fortune in Los Angeles, Isaiah is forced to make some difficult choices that may compromise his beliefs, as well as his relationships with his family and the kids who look up to him at the center.

Camp New: Act One kicks off the Camp New series of books and movies from KICKS. It’s a fun family book that inspires viewers of all ages to use their gifts for the Lord.

Based off the KICKS Flicks movie with the same name!



KICKS Books provides Christian and educational books for kids ranging from toddlers all the way up to young teens. We also create books for teenagers and grown-ups too! KICKS Books are digitally exclusive.

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