“Kirkland the Caterpillar Had to Stay Home and Didn’t Like It” is part of KICKS Books Educational Series, featuring KICKS Books’ Young Artists. Your children will be encouraged as they experience how Kirkland deals with staying home and staying safe. Kirkland discovers the adventures he can have at home as he learns what to do with his time. This delightful story will help your children as it inspires them to have fun while saying home and discover with Kirkland what to do while staying safe. Children will laugh and learn as they develop their reading skills and enjoy Kirkland’s home adventures. With the easy to use Pop-Up text option, your children will fly through this fun, educational, and inspiring book!

The KICKS Books’ Young Artist Series features books for kids; illustrated BY kids. Your youngsters will explore the imagination of their peers with this unique book.

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KICKS Books provides Christian and educational books for kids ranging from toddlers all the way up to young teens. We also create books for teenagers and grown-ups too! KICKS Books are digitally exclusive.

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