DIY Planner Calendar

We all enjoy a new year with a fresh look on organization and planning. This customizable calendar allows just that, plus the ability to layout your day/week/month exactly how you want! Gather everyone and your supplies, and enjoy making personal planners as a family!

What you’ll need:

small 3-ring notebook
paper (we bought a pack that specifically fits in the small 3-ring binder, but making your own is a great option! simply punch holes where you need to make it fit in your notebook)
divider tabs
markets/crayons/pencils/pens – something to write with

hole punch
decorative paper

DIY Do It Yourself Planner Calendar

DIY Do It Yourself Planner Calendar

What you do:

Decide the layout you would like for your calendar – daily, weekly, monthly, or a combination of all of them. Use the ruler to make your paper(s) accordingly. Create space to write each day/week/month for when you use your calendar.

If you would like, create decorative dividers with your additional supplies. Use the divider tabs on either regular paper or the dividers you created to mark each month then place each day/week/month layout within that divider section.

If you would like, create a cover or spine for your calendar, as a finishing touch.

Enjoy your calendar each day for scheduling, to do lists, journaling, or anything else you want to jot down and keep track of!

DIY Do It Yourself Planner Calendar

DIY Do It Yourself Planner Calendar

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DIY Do It Yourself Planner Calendar




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