DIY Re-Purposed T-shirt Bag

We all enjoy recycling something we don’t use anymore into something new and re-purposed, right? Well, this easy, no-sew DIY re-purposed t-shirt bag is the perfect way to do that. Take it to the 4th of July parade to collect candy. Use it in the summer to tote your needed items for the pool, park, and picnic! It also works great for your local grocery store or farmers market. The possibilities are endless!

Upcycle your favorite old tshirt that you don’t wear anymore into a reusable bag! This is particularly perfect for little ones who’s favorite tshirt doesn’t fit anymore. Simple fun for the whole family!

What you’ll need:

pencil or chalk (something that will eventually fade)

DIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt Bag

What to do:

1. Remove the sleeves. This hole will make the straps to your bag.

DIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt Bag
2. Remove the neckline. We did this with both sides together to make it equal on both sides. This will make the opening to your bag.

DIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt Bag
3. Measure & mark fringe length. We measured 4 inches from the bottom, then drew a line across the tshirt. You can adjust this length based on how long you want your fringe to be – longer fringe is a bigger number, shorter fringe is a smaller number. Just remember, you want to have enough bag space, too, so if your tshirt is shorter, don’t take off too much for your fringe or you won’t have much left for your bag.

DIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt Bag
4. Cut fringe. You can do this a few different ways: mark lines to cut (this is what we did), use your ruler as a cutting guide, or eyeball-it as you cut. However you do, make sure you are cutting both sides of the shirt together so the sizes are the same.

DIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt BagDIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt Bag
5. Tie fringe pieces together. Take the front and back of each cut section and tie them together. This creates the bottom of your bag.
ALTERNATIVE OPTION – opt for a more minimalist look and measure and sew the bottom of your t-shirt if you don’t want the hanging fringe.

DIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt Bag
6. USE! The uses are endless: parade candy (hey July 4th!), reusable produce bags at your local grocery store or farmers market, tote for beach and/or pool items, picnic or lunch bag, etc., etc., etc.

DIY Re-Purposed T-Shirt Bag

Let us know how you’re using your bag, use #kickscraft so we can see on social media or send us an email to info[at]!




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