DIY Custom Magnets for the Fridge, School, or Office

Make these super fun, easy, and customizable magnets with us! Perfect for back to school in your locker, magnetic memory board, office decor, or, of course, the fridge! This craft is inspired by our Camp New: Humble Pie film (available now!!). Do you know which scene/cabin in the movie these magnets can be found? Let us know your answer and be entered to win this magnet + a free Camp New: Humble Pie DVD!

What you’ll need:

scrap fabric
card stock
sticker magnets
sewing machine (staples or glue will work, also)

if you’d like, you can paint on a design using plain paper or fabric
these are also super fun to make using photos instead of cardstock/fabric

What to do:

1. Cut cardstock to desired size. This can be as large or small as you’d like. Just make sure you have the same amount of fabric to cover it.

2. Cut the fabric the same size as your cardstock.

3. Attach the fabric to the cardstock using the sewing machine, staples, or glue.

4. Cut the magnets a little smaller than your cardstock to fit on the back. We did 3 magnets (top, middle, and bottom), but do as many as you feel you need based on the size/shape of your magnet.
5. Attach the magnets to the back.

6. Use! Have fun with your magnet!

Let us know how you’re using your magnet, use #kickscraft so we can see on social media or send us an email to info[at]!




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