There are several steps to creating these place holders, but once complete they are worth the work! Gather friends and family and have fun stringing the cranberries & popcorn while watching a KICKS Flicks film!

Old-fashioned Chalkboard Place Holders

what you’ll need:
hot glue gun
needle and thread
cardboard or thick card stock
craft chalkboard acrylic paint (or make your own by mixing 1 TBSP unsanded grout + 1/2 C acrylic paint)
plain popcorn (use our (LINK)recipe to air pop in the microwave!)
fresh cranberries
greenery, optional (rosemary or pine leaves work great)
wood buttoms/accents, optional

what you’ll do:
Decide how many place holders you need. Cut cardboard or card stock to 6 1/2” tall x 5” wide and fold in half, top to bottom, so they will “stand”.

Paint the back and allow to dry for about an hour then paint the front, also allowing it to dry for about an hour. During drying times, string sections of cranberries and popcorn, using needle and thread, to fit your place holders.

If using, cut greenery to fit your place holders.

Once all your components are ready, assemble your place holders using a hot glue gun. Create your layout however you would like, just remember to leave room to write the names.

Once you are finished decorating your placeholders with the cranberries and popcorn, greenery, and wood, use the chalk to write the names of each person on each place holder.

Decorate your table with the completed placeholders and any extra strung popcorn and cranberries and/or any extra greenery.

Although the cranberries and greenery are fresh when first made, our photos are from a year after we originally made ours, after the cranberries and greenery dried out. Because they are written in chalk, they’re easy to reuse, so hang onto them and allow them to dry out for years of use ahead!

Old-fashioned Chalkboard Place Holders



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