The object of this album is to capture your favorites of the season without necessarily using photos. Sure, you can use photos if you’d like, but it’s just as fun if you don’t. Talk with your kids about some of their favorite things of the season, and make an album per family member, or one thicker one for your whole family. Have fun using ‘scraps’ from your favorite things of the season such as a leaf from the yard, a receipt from a trip, a copy of your favorite recipe, whatever it may be that represents your favorites. Make this album as simple or complex as you’d like, but most importantly, have fun working together and documenting your favorites this season.

What we used:

  • cardboard (we removed one of the outer coverings to show the corrugated part of the cardboard)
  • patterned paper (Basic Grey)
  • alpha stickers (Basic Grey)
  • notebook paper
  • ribbon (May Arts)
  • alpha stamps
  • ink (Stampin’ Up!)
  • markers (Stampin’ Up!)
  • staples
  • adhesive
  • Our ‘scrap’ items:
  • canned pumpkin wrapper
  • leaf
  • candy corn wrapper
  • clothing tag
  • receipt


First, we made the book covers using cardboard. We measured the size we wanted our finished book to be, then cut that size from a box. We removed one side of the outer paper to reveal the corrugated inner part. We folded it in half, to make it like a book. When you size your book, be sure to consider your scrap items. You don’t want a book that is too large or too small for your items.

Second, we cut fronts and backs for each of my pages in the book. We used simple, solid-colored paper, each cut the same size, and pasted them front to back. Next we pasted each scrap item to the front of its own page, then added a title at the top using alpha stamps and stickers. We decorated each page with card stock and ribbon. We cut the card stock freehand, into triangles and circles. Very simple, yet fun.

Third, we used a brown marker to write, or “journal”, about each item. We did this on simple notebook paper. We documented why that item was a favorite of the season. (Try to get your kids to use their own words as to why they like that particular thing and why it relates to the season. There is no such thing as “too much detail” when you journal.) Next, we decorated each journal page with doodles, then pasted them to the back of the page they belonged to.

Finally, we decorated the cover. We waited to do this until last that way we could get the feel of the album before making the cover. We used patterned paper that coordinated with the patterned paper we used on the pages, along with alpha stamps and alpha stickers. Next we placed all the completed pages inside the book and tied it closed with some ribbon. We left our pages unbound, that way they would be easy to remove and look at individually as well as rearrange if we want. But, if you’d like, feel free to bind your book using staples, a needle and thread, or however you would like.

Most of all, have FUN together. Laugh and enjoy time being creative together, documenting these special things that your family loves about this season. We would love to see photos of your completed KICKS Crafts. Please email them to info[at]kickstv[dot]com Be sure to include your name and city. We look forward to hearing from you!



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