This is a great way to celebrate a thankful heart for Thanksgiving! Each pocket holds paper for family members to list something they’re thankful for each day. Design your countdown calendar to be as large or small as you would like, just be sure to give yourself enough room for the pockets and the space needed to write your thanks.

What we used:
12×12 cardstock, brown (BasicGrey)
Patterned cardstock (BasicGrey, Crate Paper)
Cream cardstock
Notebook paper
Brown paper
Number and letter stickers (BasicGrey, Scrapworks, Making Memories)
Letter stamps (Stampin’ Up)
Ink pads (Stampin’ Up)
Decorative scissors
Circle punch (Stampin’ Up)
Acrylic paint
Sand paper
Thread and sewing machine


1. Make your pockets. Cut 2-inch squares for each pocket you intend to make (depending on when you’re starting your ‘countdown’). Position the pockets on your 12×12 sheet of cardstock. Secure the bottom corners of the pockets to the cardstock (so they’ll stick while you’re sewing them on). Sew the pockets to the page. If you don’t want to sew the pockets, just use adhesive on each corner and the bottom. Just be sure to leave the middle open so you can use it like a pocket.

2. Number your pockets. Number each pocket to count down to Thanksgiving Day. We decorated our numbers with ink, cardstock, paint, sandpaper, tags, etc., but we also left some plain – be creative!

3. Make your title. We used letter stamps, black ink, and notebook paper and stamped out the title “Our Many Thanks”. You can change this title to be whatever you’d like for your family and of course, use whatever you would like. Next we used a rectangle piece of brown paper (the top cut with decorative scissors) and used letter stickers to spell out “Thanksgiving Countdown”. Once again, use whatever you’d like for this part. Connect your “Thanksgiving Countdown” to your “Title” (we used staples) to the top of the 12×12 cardstock.

4. Fill your pockets. Using notebook paper, cut sheets for your pockets. You don’t want this to be too large, because you want it to tuck into your pocket, but make sure it’s large enough for each member of your family to write something they’re thankful for on.

5. Countdown! Your calendar is now ready! Hang this on the wall, place magnets on the back and keep on the fridge, place it on the kitchen table or counter – stick it in a place where you will see it and remember to do this daily. Enjoy time with your family writing down the many things you have to be thankful for!



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