DIY Super Easy Denim Patch!

Not only does this super easy DIY look cool, but it’s also functional – that hole or stain you have on your favorite jacket, shirt, or jeans.. cover it with this! Recycled and reused denim patches to the rescue!

What you’ll need:

denim (or any fabric) scrap (great use for the cutoffs from the shorts you wore all summer!)
ruler or tape measure
something to mark (chalk, pencil, etc.)
safety pins/decorative pins

DIY Super Easy Denim Patch

What you do:

1. Measure and cut the fabric into any shape of any size you’d like (just make sure it’s not so big/heavy it can’t be attached). We made ours a square. We wanted it to look a little frayed so on one of the sides, we tore our fabric instead of cutting. To do this, snip a very small piece where you want to tear, and then tear the rest. Easy peasy!

DIY Super Easy Denim Patch DIY Super Easy Denim Patch
2. Attach and wear!

DIY Super Easy Denim Patch DIY Super Easy Denim Patch

Extra: you can have fun and paint your patch, stitch fun designs on it, or rough it up a bit more by sand paper, pulling the fray, or washing. Let us know how you’re wearing us and tag your social media posts with #kickscraft so we can see, or send us an email to info[at]!




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