Easy Yarn Pom-Poms & Garland

Need a quick decorative pick-me-up for your room or your next party or.. just for fun? Take a few to make these easy yarn pom-poms & garland, inspired from one of our Camp New series films, “Camp New: Humble Pie”!

What you’ll need:

Several skeins of different colored yarn
Large needle (optional)


What you do:

Cut several pieces of yarn from each color, approximately 5 inches long each, for the amount of pom-poms you plan to make. Set aside.
With the rest of the yarn, gently wrap around 3-4 of your fingers (depending on how large you want your pom pom to be), about 75-100 times. Make sure not to wrap too tight!! Once finished, gently remove the yarn from your fingers and using one of the pre-cut pieces, tie it around the middle. Make however many pom-poms you want.
Once finished, cut through the looped ends, releasing each piece of yarn to give it the pom-pom look. If your pieces are a bit uneven, no biggie, just trim them up!
Have fun making different sizes and different color combinations!

If you would like to make pom pom garland, like Penny in Camp New: Humble Pie, simply cut another long piece of yarn (to fit the space you plan to hang the garland) and string it through the center of the pom-poms. You may want a large needle for this, because it makes it easier to get it through the center without pulling the rest of the yarn pieces. Once finished, hang & enjoy!

Pom-poms also make adorable “flowers”, gift wrap, craft room decorations, & more!

Get creative & have fun!



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