Daniel 11:32 Memory Game

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What you’ll need:

Card-stock (plain or construction paper will work also)

Different colored markers

Colored pencils or crayons


ScissorsDaniel 11:32 Memory Game

What you do:

Using card stock, cut out 28, 2×2 inch squares, making game cards. Using different colors, write down each word from Daniel 11:32 “the kid who knows god shall be strong and do great things” on its own card. Note: make Daniel and 11:32 on separate cards. Repeat this process making a matching second set by making each word the same color as you did the first time.

How to play:

Mix up the cards and put them face down into 4 rows of 7. Once you are finished placing the cards face down, the first player turns over two cards. if the cards match, player takes the sets. If the cards do not match, turn the cards back over and whoever is next takes their turn. Do this until there are no cards left. once the cards are gone. Whoever has the most matches wins.

For extra fun, say Daniel 11:32 together when the game is over. See if you can memorize the verse. And don’t forget, when you know god, you can do great things!

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