Thankful Jar Craft & Activity

Use this jar as a quick way to jot down the little things you’re thankful for each day! Stick it in a place that’s easy to see and remember to fill. At the end of the week, open each note and remember all the little things you’re thankful for! It’s fun to watch the jar fill up and repeat weekly. Also, this is a great week-before-Thanksgiving craft/activity and you can open your thankful notes on Thanksgiving day!

A few tips: This is a great way to use up scrap paper for your notes instead of fresh paper! You can either re-cut scraps to make them all the same size, or opt to just use scrap paper as-is. Make sure the sizes are easy to fold and still fit several in your jar. Use whatever jar size you need for the amount of people you’ll have writing notes, plus prep that amount of paper to keep beside the jar so you don’t have to keep refilling the stack!

What you’ll need:

scrap paper
pen/pencil/crayon/marker, etc. (something to write your notes)
decorations (some of our ideas: letter stamps/beads, twine, tag, ribbon)
sticky dots/glue, etc.

Thankful Jar Craft & Activity

What you do:

1. Decide what size/style you want your paper to be to write your thankful things. Create a stack to set beside the jar and include something to write your notes (pen/pencil/crayon/marker, etc.).
2. Decorate your jar. We kept ours simple with a tag that says “thankful” using letter beads and sticky dots, and some twine and scrap ric-rack.
3. Place your jar somewhere you will see and remember to write your thankful note each day.
4. Write a note each day, fold it up, and stick it in the jar. At the end of the week, open each note and remember what you were thankful for that week!

Thankful Jar Craft & Activity

Let us know how you created your thankful jar by sharing a photo on social media and tagging it #kickscrafts!




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