Fancy Ants On A Log

Yeah, this sounds like the regular ‘ol pb+raisin combo you knew as a kid (which is equally delicious, sure), but it’s not! This version of, Fancy Ants On A Log, includes dark chocolate and coconut, making it just a bit more fun than that traditional recipe you’re used to. Don’t like chocolate or coconut? Be inspired by the simplicity of this recipe to use whatever “toppings” you like: raisins + shredded coconut, dried cranberries + chopped nuts, chopped dried apricots + pretzel pieces.. the possibilities are endless! Get creative and have fun with your favorite toppings, definitely don’t limit it to chocolate & coconut… or raisins.

What You Need:


dark chocolate or cacao nibs

shredded or flake coconut

nut butter of choice (or peanut butter is fine, too)

any other toppings you’d like


What You’ll D0:

Cut celery and fill with nut butter. Sprinkle with toppings and enjoy!

It seems we have a theme this month. Fancy. Between this and “Fancy Re-purposed Crayons”, your September is definitely gonna be, well, fancy!

Let us know you’re favorite topping! Enjoy!


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