Fancy Re-purposed Crayons

It seems we have a theme this month. Fancy. Between this and “Fancy Ants On a Log”, your September is definitely gonna be, well, fancy!

These Fancy Re-purposed Crayons are so easy and so cute. They make the perfect little party favor, desk/locker decor, and are actually quite fun to color with because of the unexpected variety! They also are a great way to reuse all those old crayons from last year, since everyone likes a fresh box of crayons when school begins!

What you’ll need:

Old crayons

Silicone muffin cups (These usually come either as a sheet, like a normal muffin pan, or individually like muffin cup liner. Either is fine.)


What you do:

Preheat the oven to 200F.

Remove all the paper from the crayons and break them into pieces.

Next, fill the muffin cups with the crayons until they are slightly overflowing – as they melt and compact, having a little more helps extra to fill the space.

Bake for 10-15 mins until they are completely melted.

Place in freezer or allow to cool on a cooling rack on the counter. Once they are cool on the bottom, you can remove them.

Let us know how you liked this easy craft! We hope you enjoy!



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