Yarn Pom-Pom “Mum” Flowers

This craft is inspired by our KICKS Flicks Film, Camp New: Humble Pie, since we used these flower to decorate the girl’s cabin! Use this simple & fun craft to decorate you next fall-themed party, your room, or wherever you’d like! Just a couple materials needed and a few easy steps and you’ll be enjoying these cute Yarn Pom-Pom “Mum” Flowers in no time!

What you’ll need:

Yarn (whatever color(s) you’d like)

Candy sticks (however many flowers you’d like – you’ll need 1 stick per flower)

Green craft paint

Green construction paper or card stock


What you do:

Paint the candy sticks with the green paint. These will be your “stems”. Set aside and allow to dry. Feel free to paint another coat if you want your stems to be darker.

Following our “Easy Yarn Pom-Pom’s” craft, make a smaller version (instead of using 3 fingers, use 2 of your smaller fingers), for each flower you’d like.

Cut circles from the green construction paper/cardstock. You can use a template or stencil if you’d like, or just freehand cut them to give them a more unique look. Use your scissors to puncture a small hole in the center of the circle, just big enough to push the stick through the circle to create a base for your pompom.

To assemble, gather your painted sticks, finished pompoms, and green circles. Push the stick through the circles just far enough to allow space for the pompoms to sit at the top, then push the stick about halfway through the center of the pompom, where it holds but doesn’t stick out of the top of the pompom.


Follow these steps for all of your flowers and enjoy!




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